Shuffering and Shnacking

Six Months Later

Arthur at six months

Our son is six months old this week. The road here has felt much like one paved with cobblestones. Besides the madness/bliss/exhaustion that is caring for a baby, my father died in October, we started the process of buying a more child friendly house in November, which is about to wrap up this week (more on that in a future post) and we cleaned/painted/listed our soon-to-be old house for sale. I also turned 30 last week. I think I’m finished with major life changes for a bit or forever if that’s even possible.

Baby related operations are wonderful. The most trouble I seem to face is not getting to spend enough time with Arthur, which from what I can discern, if that is the toughest part of playing father to a six month old, I’ve got it pretty good/easy. I don’t have much of an issue with him spending eight hours a day with an adult other than his parents, I think going to work and time away from one’s parents are beneficial for all parties, but I would love to sneak a few more hours into the day for baby time.

The death of my father took me to new depths of exhaustion/depression that I am only now clawing my way back from. The loss of a parent is unsettling to a degree I didn’t think possible. The day after he died, I experienced an intense cosmic jet lag, as if having traveled on a one way ticket to an uncomfortably exotic destination where my father no longer existed. Birth/death are literal life opposites of course, but they are emotionally inverse in a sort of comically absurd way.

I haven’t had the time or focus to put together a post about what I’ve found to be great baby equipment. A fair amount of research went in to all our purchases and after six months of field testing I’ve got a bit of perhaps valuable wisdom to share. Hoping I get to this in the next week or so.

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  1. Brad Barrish says:

    I had no idea your 30th came and went, so belated happy birthday to you. I guess I’ll go ahead and thank you publicly for all of your wisdom, recommendations and support leading up to Cassidy’s birth. It’s been so helpful to have friends with newborns. Glad to hear you’re clawing. I’m around, even if I have a baby in one hand. I can’t believe I’m going back to work next week. The first two weeks are flying by and I really cant imagine being away from Laura and Cassidy.