Shuffering and Shnacking

Hijacker Hall of Fame Member George Wright Caught in Portugal

One of the more interesting commercial jet hijackers in US history has been caught after being on the run for 41 years. George Wright, who escaped from a New Jersey prison in 1970 where he was serving time for murder, famously hijacked a Delta jet while dressed as a priest, concealing a gun in a cut-out bible he was carrying.

Wright and his fellow hijackers later made several FBI agents dress in Speedos while they delivered a suitcase full of cash to the jet to ensure the cops didn’t have any weapons. Wright previously had stolen the warden’s car when to escape prison, moved to Detroit where he worked as a male mode and joined the Black Liberation Army. Wright and friends also chain smoked weed on the hijacked plane, including in the cockpit, as they flew to Algeria. Kinda puts DB Cooper to shame if you ask me.

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