Shuffering and Shnacking

Primitive Early Rap Records

I’ve been fascinated with records from the first couple years of rap for about 10 years now, which was when I first became aware of them, around 2000 I think. The first 12″ I got that really set me off was The Younger Generation’s ‘We Rap More Mellow‘ from 1979, where they were rapping over a modified version of the ‘Every Way But Loose‘┬ábeat, which was a disco record I really liked.

After hearing that record I collected ‘disco rap’ records pretty heavily, until about 2006 maybe, when I decided to sell most of what I had accumulated for space reasons. What I kept fell into two categories: incredibly great, such as Busy Bee’s 1981 masterpiece ‘School Days‘, or incredibly weird, such as CC Crew’s ‘CC Crew Rap’, which you can hear below. Girls that can’t rap and guys that can’t play make for really interesting records, to my ears at least. The three records below are a few of my favorite weird early rap moments on record.


Pookey BlowGet Up (And Go To School) – Tri State (1981)


CC CrewCC Crew Rap – Golden Flamingo (1980)


M.C. Chocolate StarThe Pop – Chocolate Star (1982)

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