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2012 Apocalypse: At least we’ll have pr0n

I am not entirely convinced this isn’t a joke or a publicity stunt but according to the LA Weekly, the San Fernando Valley based adult film company Pink Visual is building a massive underground bunker so they can survive the end of days and continue their film production business despite there being no longer a […]

Why Your Band’s Facebook Fans Could Soon Be Worthless

There’s been all sorts of shit flying around recently about how Facebook is blowing it and I thought I would write something about the part that seems to have annoyed me the most. I scrubbed my personal info and all my friends off Facebook a couple months back and I only use the account to […]

Amusing Snail Mail Spam From The Future

I received this lovely item in the post today while at work. I was pretty excited about it. Let me count the ways: It’s absurd that I would send them $65 to get my website listed with “25 established search engines”. I’m not sure when submitting your site to search engines stopped being common practice […]

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