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Top Tube iPad Carrier

This seems like a rather lousy way to carry a $500+ piece of gadgetry. Wouldn’t it swing from side to side and hit your legs? If you crash, it dies right? If I was riding somewhere to relax with my iPad, I’d probably have, at the least, a lock, some tools and tubes, at which point […]

Dumb Promo Merch I Wish I Owned

Boards of Canada promo only “Geogaddi” Kaleidoscope Sold for $210 on eBay a few months back From the seller’s description: My kaleidoscope has been used gently, and in very good condition. There are a some scratches that are noticeable on the clear plastic end and one on the black viewing end. These are superficial and […]

Rapper “No Clue” Buys $10K+ a Month Sunset Strip Billboard

I drove past this giant billboard on the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Highland Ave. yesterday and was floored by its ironic genius. I’ve never heard of the MC on the billboard who goes by the name No Clue, but I have heard that this billboard rents for over $10,000 a month and that a giant […]

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Amusing Snail Mail Spam From The Future

I received this lovely item in the post today while at work. I was pretty excited about it. Let me count the ways: It’s absurd that I would send them $65 to get my website listed with “25 established search engines”. I’m not sure when submitting your site to search engines stopped being common practice […]

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