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Taylor Made for Profits

There has been a ton of chatter over the last several days since Taylor Swift et al decided to pull her catalog from Spotify. Some are pointing a finger at Spotify for paying out at too low a rate, others saying that Swift & Co. are simply trying to force fans to purchase more profitable downloads or CDs. But […]

600 Words on ‘Beyoncé’

1) A front line artist selling 600,000+ US albums in 72 hrs, with no album set up whatsoever, is really healthy in 2013. I don’t care if you’re Beyoncé and the bar is set really high, she reached a good number of fans. That many people opening up iTunes over the weekend to buy an album […]

The Importance of the Album

I spent the better part of my evening last night working through an August 1967 issue of Crawdaddy I’d picked up at Amoeba before meeting my wife for dinner. The cover feature was an 8 page interview with Paul Rothchild, who talks at length about recording the then just released first Doors LP*. Rothchild rambles […]

Hijacker Hall of Fame Member George Wright Caught in Portugal

One of the more interesting commercial jet hijackers in US history has been caught after being on the run for 41 years. George Wright, who escaped from a New Jersey prison in 1970 where he was serving time for murder, famously hijacked a Delta jet while dressed as a priest, concealing a gun in a […]

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2012 Apocalypse: At least we’ll have pr0n

I am not entirely convinced this isn’t a joke or a publicity stunt but according to the LA Weekly, the San Fernando Valley based adult film company Pink Visual is building a massive underground bunker so they can survive the end of days and continue their film production business despite there being no longer a […]

UK police open fake ‘Hip Hop Shop’ to catch thugs

Kinda surprised this never happened in the US (or has it?). Not sure you if you could make it work here now though. If a new independent record store specializing in hip hop opened on my block, it would have to be the cops running it. No way anyone is getting into that business in […]

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Why Your Band’s Facebook Fans Could Soon Be Worthless

There’s been all sorts of shit flying around recently about how Facebook is blowing it and I thought I would write something about the part that seems to have annoyed me the most. I scrubbed my personal info and all my friends off Facebook a couple months back and I only use the account to […]

My Office Building and Bikes – UPDATE

Last week I saw one of the owners of our building in the elevator and he mentioned that he had installed a bike rack in the parking garage and that he hoped the issue would be resolved and he wouldn’t have to “hear about it on the internet anymore”. Hear about it on the internet […]

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