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Dumb Promo Merch I Wish I Owned

Boards of Canada promo only “Geogaddi” Kaleidoscope Sold for $210 on eBay a few months back From the seller’s description: My kaleidoscope has been used gently, and in very good condition. There are a some scratches that are noticeable on the clear plastic end and one on the black viewing end. These are superficial and […]

The Screamers “122 Hours of Fear”

Jon Savage posted a lovely homage to The Screamers “122 Hours of Fear” over on The Guardian’s music blog today. The Screamers may win the award for best punk (any genre?) band who never released any studio recordings. I seem to remember hearing a rumor awhile back involving the recording of a full length but […]

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New music from Seefeel

The brilliant Shoegaze meets Electronica band Seefeel have announced a single show and news that they will release their first new music in 15 years via Warp in September. The first song to be released from the forthcoming 4 song 10″ is titled “Faults” and can be heard via the player above. Seefeel’s 1994 album […]

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Why Your Band’s Facebook Fans Could Soon Be Worthless

There’s been all sorts of shit flying around recently about how Facebook is blowing it and I thought I would write something about the part that seems to have annoyed me the most. I scrubbed my personal info and all my friends off Facebook a couple months back and I only use the account to […]

Malcolm McClaren 1946 – 2010

The world feels different to me knowing that Malclom Mclaren has left it, as if there has been a slight shift in the underlying fabric of things. Without McClaren, the aesthetics of punk, punk as we know it to look, would not exist. This all important and defining visual component, and its impact on the […]

Want Listed: JBL L100 Speakers

The JBL 100 is the consumer version offspring of the JBL 4310 and 4320 monitors, which were the most widely used recording studio monitors in the 60s and 70s in America. Due to the popularity of these speakers with professionals, JBL decided to come out with a streamlined version for us regular folk in 1970. […]

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The $1000 Keith Murray Record

sold on Ebay for $1081 I believe this is Keith Murray’s first appearance on record and possibly the most valuable commercially released rap single. Previously copies have sold for upwards of $1500. keefy_keef

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