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Hijacker Hall of Fame Member George Wright Caught in Portugal

One of the more interesting commercial jet hijackers in US history has been caught after being on the run for 41 years. George Wright, who escaped from a New Jersey prison in 1970 where he was serving time for murder, famously hijacked a Delta jet while dressed as a priest, concealing a gun in a […]

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Primitive Early Rap Records

I’ve been fascinated with records from the first couple years of rap for about 10 years now, which was when I first became aware of them, around 2000 I think. The first 12″ I got that really set me off was The Younger Generation’s ‘We Rap More Mellow‘ from 1979, where they were rapping over […]

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2012 Apocalypse: At least we’ll have pr0n

I am not entirely convinced this isn’t a joke or a publicity stunt but according to the LA Weekly, the San Fernando Valley based adult film company Pink Visual is building a massive underground bunker so they can survive the end of days and continue their film production business despite there being no longer a […]

UK police open fake ‘Hip Hop Shop’ to catch thugs

Kinda surprised this never happened in the US (or has it?). Not sure you if you could make it work here now though. If a new independent record store specializing in hip hop opened on my block, it would have to be the cops running it. No way anyone is getting into that business in […]

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My Top 3 Nick Ashford (1942-2011) Songs

Ashford & Simpson – “Bourgie Bourgie” 1977 – Classic disco and one of my favorite Ashford and Simpson compositions. This was a big Larry Levan cut. Marlena Shaw – “California Soul” 1969 –¬†Written in ’68 by Ashford & Simpson and originally performed by The 5th Dimension, the Marlena Shaw version is the recording I am […]

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